People living in marginal areas, suburbs and highly populated cities can’t really experience what nature has to offer. Most of the times taking care of a tree, watching a butterfly or hearing a bird is not possible in these places, therefore getting involved with the natural world is very complicated. To fight this issue, our Foundation has committed to bring nature closer to those who can’t access it in their environment, by helping develop and increase community recreational parks.

Our first Community Park Project: One very important project of ours in getting involved with the community and teach about environmentally related issues. Particularly in one place we’re helping build a park that not only offers the regular amenities to exercise, but that will also offer educational spaces to learn about organic agriculture, elaboration of composts and biodiversity conservation. As a Foundation we are involved in the design of the place, we are the donors of all the plants and shrubs, including herbs and bushes that will shape the place, and we are in charge of building a butterfly farm.